Valmont Riviera offers a complete range of personalized services for your property

We offer a full range of personalized services for your property:

  • • Monitoring of the property, regular inspections and controls
  • • Bookkeeping and preparation of accounts
  • • Cash flow management and reconciliation of expenses and budgets
  • • Correspondence and archives
  • • Employment of personnel, salaries, social contributions
  • • Maintenance contracts, organization of technicians' interventions
  • • Organization and logistics of your household, problem solving
  • • All questions related to insurance, contracts, claims management and reimbursements
  • • Immatriculation, entretien et maintenance des véhicules
  • • Vehicle registration, service and maintenance
  • • Concierge service
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Assistance during your renovation project of any scale.

  • Follow-up and coordination of works and budgets
  • Obtaining quotes
  • Company selection
  • Application for authorizations and permits

Entrusting the management of your property to experts ensures a personalised and rigorous service. There are many administrative documents to deal with, including an inventory of fixtures and fittings on arrival, a tenancy agreement, rent collection, maintenance and service contracts, staff payslips and accounting records, all of which must be handled professionally and seriously. Similarly, when it comes to seasonal lettings, the services of an estate agency to manage the concierge services and logistical organisation on your behalf is a real asset in making your property more profitable. Finally, when it comes to carrying out renovations efficiently, turning to property experts can save you time and money. They can supervise and coordinate the work and put you in touch with professional tradespeople. There are many benefits to delegating the management of your property to an estate agent.

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